Welcome EMBA 8400 (Managerial Economics) Students !!


Course Objectives:

This is a practical course that will prepare students to better comprehend the current economic environment, where the forces of globalization interact with technology. Needless to say, understanding the economic consequences of these changes is critical to the success of the firm and its manager. Both economic theory and common sense will be used to demonstrate how business professionals can interpret information about the economy and use it in their working environment. The goal is for EMBA graduates to understand how things work in a modern economy by interpreting data signals and the interaction of different “micro” sectors that make up the “macro” big picture. This is expected to help the executive make intelligent business decisions in the rapidly-changing business cycle environment. A secondary objective of the course is to provide students with the tools to critically evaluate and interpret articles in the popular financial press, such as The Wall Street Journal, The Economist and Business Week.